We are a Singapore-based group of passionate Riichi Mahjong players who meet up to play regularly in a club setting. A club setting is different from playing at home or at any parlor you might have seen in Japan.

In a parlor, there are ‘free’ and ‘set’ sections. ‘free’ section means you will be playing with any 3 players (can include staff themselves). The change of players will depends on whether there are anybody leaving or joining a the table. ‘set’ section means you (and your friends) will be renting a table to play.

In a club setting, we do not function like a mahjong parlor and this includes their ‘set’ section treatment.

1. We rotate players based on skill level every after game (han-chan)

2. We encourage serious and competitive attitude towards playing Mahjong, treating it as a mind sport rather than a gambling game.

3. We practise score recording to tabulate our performance statistic for individual to understand more about their style and make improvement on it.

4. We don’t condone any sort of Gambling activities.

Many of us were introduced into the world of Riichi Mahjong by popular Mahjong anime such as Akagi and Saki while a handful of us are simply mahjong enthusiasts. There is no need to know how to count fu to play. Many of us can help you with that. If you are interested, we greatly welcome you to join us! No age limit.




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