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Hall of Fame Awards

The following additional achievements that will award you $10 voucher of your choice! But current year League Winners are exempted from these awards. In addition, a player can ONLY claim 1 of the 3 awards. If there are more than 1 player that are eligible to claim more than 1 award, we will determine the unique winner based on the date and time.

For example, if player X has most number of Yakuman won and also the highest score achieved, player X will claim the Yakuman award if the latest Yakuman achieved is earlier than the highest score achieved. 

Most Committed Player (MCP) Award The player who has played the most no. of games during the 1st 2 leagues and the next 2 leagues.
Yakuman-Gifted Player (YGP) Award The player who has won the most number of Yakumans (min. 2) during the year. Double Yakuman counted as 2. Triple Yakuman counted as 3 and so on. Kazoe-Yakuman is counted as 1 Yakuman.
Highest Score Player (HSP) Award The player who has gotten the highest score in 1 Han-chan during the year. 1 for Aka-ari, 1 for Aka-nashi.

Current Hall of Fame Awards Candidates





Most Committed Player (1st + 2nd league) 15 Jun 2019 Yong Chuan 45 Games
Most Committed Player (3rd + 4th league) 30 Nov 2019 Kae Jer 54 Games
Yakuman-Gifted Player (2019) N/A N/A N/A
Highest Score Player (Aka-Ari) 12 Jan 2019 Ruo Chen 91,600
Highest Score Player (Aka-nashi) 23 Nov 2019 Roy 86,900

League Winners

  • Lance
  • Feng

Past vouchers claimed so far

  • Amazon
  • NTUC
  • CapitalLand Mall
  • Kinokuniya
  • Cold Storage

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Updated as of 10th Jul 2020