26 Episodes

Akagi is the 13 year old genius who is skilled at mahjong and psychological warfare. In the most recent and most famous arc, Akagi plays against his strongest opponent Washizu in a game where transparent mahjong tiles are used. Reading Akagi is like reading a riichi detective story, where we go through a lot of suspense to reach the answer to Akagi’s epic moves.

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2 Seasons – 25 + 13 Episodes

Focuses on girls taking part in riichi tournaments using superpowers. Despite some yuri content, the series is moe and entertaining. Watch out for epic comebacks with superpowers.

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Saki Achiga-hen episode of Side-A

16 Episodes

A side story of Saki to establish one of their competitors in the finals. The superpowers of these characters are toned down from the main series, and there is more plot development. The story is touching and well-written.

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Tetsuya – Jansei to Yobareta Otoko

20 Episodes

Tetsuya picks up mahjong purely for gambling purposes, and initially performs well due to his natural talent and luck. However, he realises that he needs to cheat in order to survive in the gambling world. Tetsuya is a fast learner who eventually becomes one of the best gamblers in Shinjuku.

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Written & Collated by Lance

Last Updated: January 2017