Learners’ Corner

Below are some helpful links if you would like to get better with the basic of Riichi Mahjong.

Guide Books

Japanese Mahjong Strategy – puyo
Daina Chiba’s Riichi Mahjong guide on how to play better and efficiently (More than basic level, read this first)
Daina China’s Riichi Seminar 2017
Feng’s & Gabriel’s Intermediate Riichi Strategies Workshop in SMU Dec 2018
Riichi Mahjong Japanese terms

Basic Play

Take this Yaku Quiz to memorise better
Practise scoring with this Scoring Quiz

Playing Online

Tenhou Online Mahjong Game
Basic navigation in Tenhou
Tenhou Ranking Tool

Offense Section

Basic Tile Efficiency
Concealed Vs Melded

Defense Section

Basic Defense using Suji [筋线牌] (3 Numerical sequence of 147, 258, 369)
Basic Safety Level of tiles

Specific Analysis

Data Analysis: When should you go for Kokushii Musou?

Various Mahjong Theories

Puyo Kelvin’s Blog (Chinese)
Osamuko Mahjong Blog
Mahjong Guide


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