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First timers who wish to register for their 1st session, please fill up the form below.

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There is actually another group of players whom we share the same venue with, play an international variant known as Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR). MCR is designed by China, specifically for competition. Just like how different Riichi mahjong can be so different from SG mahjong, MCR is as different from Riichi mahjong. MCR involves more winning patterns with different scoring and hence a totally different ball game altogether.

To find out more about MCR in general please click here.
As the MCR section do not have a website yet, if you are interested to learn and play a proper game of MCR, please fill up the form here for news and updates.

If you are interested to find out mahjong news in general happening in Singapore (Singapore Mahjong Association, SG Mahjong Classes, Community News, Singapore Mahjong Competition host by CCs etc.), please fill up the form here.

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