Penalty for abusing the registration system

One can think to register as early as possible and be free to come at anytime or not come at all just so to get priority advantage. A penalty system has been devised to deter such behaviours.

There will only be 1 form of penalty and that is losing the priority to play first in the next registered session. i.e registered and punctual player under this penalty will be treated as one who is last to register. If he/she happens to form a table, it is not counted. The player serving the penalty must be sit-out when he/she is not supposed to.

Players who have to serve this penalty when they have accumulated a total of 5 penalty points.

For different severity of offence, the penalty points will be dictated as below.

Penalty Pts Offence
2 Late for more than 10 mintues. (Caused sit outs)
3 Late for more than 15 mintues. (Caused sit outs)
2/3 Cancellation of registration after registration period
4 Cancellation of registration after registration period (Caused sit outs)
4 Failure to commit for all games (Caused sit outs)
5 Cancellation of registration after registration period (Caused cancellation of session)
5 Registered but did not turn up
5 Failure to commit for a game (Left in the middle of Han-Chan)


*The above penalty will be incurred if you have caused such inconvenience. Hence, it will be a very result-orientated penalty as I focus to prevent causing inconvenience to members as much as possible.

**Even if there is only 2 player sit-out as of when the game starts, 2 registered players being late for at least 20 minutes will still be penalized as it is possible to fill up a table with the 2 latecomers.

To avoid all complications. Do the simple things.

1. Register on time

2. Come on time


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