Penalty for causing inconvenience

To create and maintain a conducive environment for all players, there will be penalty points given based on several offences.

Players have to serve the following penalties when they have accumulated a total of 5 penalty points.

  1. Serving 1 sit-out
  2. Remain as the least priority for partial registration* to be accepted

*Refers to registration for session that will result in no sit-outs

For different severity of the offences, the penalty points will be dictated as below.

Penalty Pts Offence
1 Late for more than 5 minutes. (Partially Registered players only)
2 Late for more than 10 minutes. (Caused sit outs)
3 Late for more than 20 minutes. (Caused sit outs)
2~3 Cancellation of registration after registration period
4 Cancellation of registration after registration period (Caused sit outs)
4 Failure to commit to all games (Caused sit outs)
5 Cancellation of registration after registration period (Caused cancellation of session)
5 Registered but did not turn up
5 Failure to commit to a game (Left in the middle of Han-Chan)

*The above penalty will be incurred if you have caused such inconvenience. Inconvenience refers to causing sit out and incompletion of game. Hence, it will be a very result-orientated penalty as I focus to prevent causing inconvenience to members as much as possible.

**Even if there is only 2 player sit-out as of when the game starts, 2 registered players being late for at least 20 minutes will still be penalized as it is possible to fill up a table with the 2 latecomers.

Players’ penalty point will be reset to 0, 2 years after the last offence committed.

To avoid all complications. Do the simple things.

1. Register on time

2. Come on time


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