Terms and Condition

1. Registered players’ priority play is based on ranking in terms of Attendance Points. If a registered player is late, the empty seat will be given to next in ranking registered player or unregistered player. Attendance Points are accumulated from playing games. The details can be found here.

2. Players can only register for the coming session and during the registration time period.

3. Players have to commit to full duration for the games they have registered for unless they have no more chance of playing any more game.

4. Players are not expected to know the attendance of the day.

5. Registered Players are to inform the organiser of the day should there a need to cancel their registration within the registration period.

6. Players have read the pages, Rules (Must Read) (If not, click here.) and Behavioural Etiquette (If not, click here.)

7. Players have read the pages on Penalty which are applicable to them. If not, click here.

8. Players are expected to have the organiser’s e-mail acknowledgement on successful registration with the date & time players have registered at. It is players’ responsibility to clarify within 10 hours upon receiving registration acknowledgement.

9. To ensure players are properly notified with news/updates via e-mail. Please follow this blog via e-mail. (Fill in your e-mail at the box on your right side below the survey.

10. Players are aware to pay $2/$3 per Game. (Funds goes to C.C and club fund. This is non-profitable)

**To Newcomers: Make sure you have filled up the form here and done point 9 before your registration is considered valid. Note that you MUST register for all 3 games for your 1st session.

If you agree to the above Terms & Conditions, you can register for the coming session via the form below.

If you would like to register for 1-3 games with no sit-outs, please read the terms & conditions about it here. Not for newcomers.

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