Our Variant Rules

Every Japanese tournament, clubs, leagues and even parlors have their own set of rules. To make sure everybody share the same understanding of rules, we will be following the below rules.

We mainly follow the World Riichi Championship Rules with the exception of Aka-Dora. The only change in rule that we have is whether we play with aka-dora or not so please check with organiser during the first session.

World Riichi Championship Rules

You can download the rulebook here

Aka DoraRed DoraYesYes
Kan DoraNew Dora revealed after a KanImmediateImmediate for Ankan only
ButtobiEnd of han-chan once a player goes <0NoYes
ShanyuWest RoundNoYes
Tochuu Ryuukyoku9 Terminals/Honors, 4 Players Riichi, 4 consecutive round wind discard, 4 KansNoYes
AtamahaneNearest player win in event of multiple players claiming for a winYes2 winners allowed, draw for 3 winners
Nagashi ManganDiscards of terminals/honours till exhaustive drawNoYes
RenhouWin on uninterrupted 1st round of discards5 HanNo
AgariyameTo end-chan when last dealer gets 1st after winning/tenpai on exhaustive drawNoYes
Kazoe YakumanCumulative of 13 hans to be awarded as 32k24kYes
Kiriage Mangan4 han 30fu or 3 han 60 fu hands to be rounded up as ManganYesNo
End Game Riichi DepositsThe Riichi deposits unclaimed during the end of han-chanConfiscatedAwarded to top
Sekinin-BaraiLiability paymentDaisangen, Daisuushii, 4 KantsuDaisangen, Daisuushii
Chonbo PenaltyPenalty for Non-waiting Riichi, Invalid Kan4k-allUnable to

Keishiki Tenpai

A hand that requires a 5th copy of the tile to complete the hand is NOT considered Tenpai.


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