Score Numbers: Instead of in thousands, numbers are to be written in hundreds. I know it is a little bit hard to get used to it but because the input of data into the database is in . Writing them in hundreds will make things easier for me. Also, in the past when numbers were written in thousands, some decimal points were missed out and caused confusion.

R-section: Whoever Riichi-ed, write R IMMEDIATELY. So you will not missed out. Notice that there are now numbers written on top of the R. This is to indicate whether that player has lost his riichi deposit or gain other players’ riichi deposit. (See E1 and E3 for example) if the player who riichi-ed is the winning player, there is no need to write anything else beside a “R” (See E2 for example). ALL Riichi sticks transaction are under this column, including one that is from previous hand. (See E4 (1) for example)

T/R/X: T stands for Tsumo. R stands for Ron. X is for draw games. Please indicate them for each hand in the column.

Pool/Remarks: This is for Riichi deposit(s) when the game ends in the draw. You can also indicate for any offline penalty the player is penalised (eg. Chombo).

Check your score: Be reminded to check that all 4 players score also add up to 100k in all situation. Confiscated deposits are written in the pool so everything should still add up to 100k.

Who does the recording?: As I’ve nagged a few times in the past, I don’t wish to fix on any players because ideally, I hope it we cultivate a mutual help culture in our community. Attitude of players shouldn’t be trying to avoid recording scores or acting blur that he/she don’t know how to. If nobody really bother to volunteer, the player seated at North (Peicha) will do the recording with West (Shacha). Record half a han-chan each. If these players still refuse to record and wish to rebel, they will be banned from SMC.

If Peicha is a newcomer then Shacha and Nancha (South) will record and so on. Its extremely rare that a table will end up with 4 newcomers with the new ladder system ranked by rating. So don’t worry about that first.

Definition of newcomer

  • Players who is attending their first SMC session

Graduation from “newcomer”

  • Once they have attended their 1st session in 2015.

However I acknowledge that some newcomers are really weak in scoring who don’t know what is going on. (huh? Tsumo Mangan is how huh?) For this kind of players, I would really hope the more skilled players to help in terms of slowly guiding him in the recording. It is just for half a han-chan anyway. Taking over scoring completely is not that advisable unless he/she is really slow and time is running out because he/she will not be learning or practicing. I will leave it to players’ own judgement on this because I am not unable to draw lines by number of games they play. Number of games played does not reflect one’s familiarity with scoring well.

That’s all. Thank you for reading and once again hope everyone will cooperate with each other. It will be easy once everyone get used to score recording.



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