Behaviour Etiquette

To have a conducive environment for everyone to enjoy mahjong, we will have to observe some etiquette and conduct while playing and/or watching these games.

1. Players are encouraged to utilize full 2 hours of playing hours. For example if there is ample of time (45 minutes) remaining, please be considerate not to cause sit outs by leaving the premises till the next game.

2. Passing of information during game play is frowned upon! Players should try to avoid passing comments that may affect any other players’ actions. Spectators should not comment on the game at all.

3. Players should be polite and circumspect at all times. While trash-talking is inevitable during games, players are encouraged to keep such behaviour to a minimum to prevent offence to others.

4. Where possible, keep the volume of conversation down so that other players are not disturbed.

5. Spectators are welcome, but should avoid making any comments as this may affect players and their game play.

6. Please do the following regarding melding tiles or winning a hand

  • Make clear calls for Chi, Pon, Kan, Riichi, Ron, Tsumo and use them appropriately.
  • Vocalise before revealing your tiles

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