Behaviour Etiquette

In the global Riichi community, various levels of table mannerisms are needed to be observed to create a conducive and pleasant playing environment for all depending on the event and players you play with. Below are the various level of mannerisms required; the lower level is the subset of a higher level

For University Clubs, it is between Level 0 to 1 so please check with the respective club organiser.

Level 0 (Playing with friends)

Go crazy however you want

Level 1 (Playing with casual/new riichi players)

Vocalise Chi, Pon, Kan, Riichi, Ron, Tsumo clearly as appropriate
Do not slam mahjong tiles
Do not shout, scream, and say vulgarities
Do not lean on the table as it will spoil the table
Do not throw your score sticks to the other player
Rightly wait for your turn before taking your starting stack of tiles to avoid confusion
Place Rinshan tile down
Keep the dice on your right after throwing it
Help to keep the tiles back and clear your rubbish after playing
Respectful of other players

Level 2 (Playing with more experienced players)

Shuffle tiles by shoving them against the sides of the tiles instead of rubbing against the tops of the tiles to minimise toppling
Stacking wall after ensuring all tiles are faced down
Vocalise Chi, Pon, Kan, Riichi, Ron, Tsumo rightly before revealing the tiles
Vocalise your Yaku (if don’t know the score) or score after winning
Discard the Riichi tile first before placing the stick
Do not take the Ron tile
Do not waste unnecessary time during drawing or discarding of tiles after declaring Riichi (E.g Praying, rubbing/shaking/feeling the drawn tile)
Use two hands to reveal your winning hand

Level 3 (Playing in Japan, or any tournament)

Do not repeatedly fidget with your tiles
Do not rest your hand beyond your tiles or your arm on the table
Do not chat during the game
Do not place tiles face down after Riichi
Do not help yourself with score stick changes
Do not touch another player’s wall or discard pool
Draw, discard, or meld with only 1 hand
Always put the tile drawn on at the side of hand and make a discard (not putting the drawn tile into the hand)
Throw the dice only after all players have stacked their wall
Make the 1st discard only after ensuring everyone has arranged their hand
Exchange sticks based on the minimal exchange required not based on personal preference of wanting more 5k sticks or 10k sticks


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