Our Variant Rules

Every Japanese tournament, clubs, leagues and even parlors have their own set of rules. To make sure everybody share the same understanding of rules, we will be following the below rules.

The only change in rule that we have is whether we play with aka-dora or not so please check with organiser during the first session.

World Riichi Championship Rules

You can download the rulebook here –

The amendment to the rules can be found here – WRC+Rules+2015_Clarifications_FINAL_EN

(Claim a winning tile that gives a yaku to a yakuless hand)
Yes Agari Yame
(Last dealer get to choose to end han-chan upon topping the game)
(Open Tanyao)
Yes Kuikae No
Aka Dora
(Red Dora)
No Shanyu
(West Round)
Kazoe Yakuman
(Counted Yakuman)
No Nagashi Mangan
(Discards of terminals/honours till exhaustive draw)
Daburi Riichi
(Double Reach)
Yes Tochuu Ryuukyoku
(Mid-game draw)
Furiten Riichi
(Discard Foul Reach)
Yes Open Riichi
(Open Reach)
Multiple Ron
(Dealing into 2/3 players)
No Multiple Yakuman
(Score of >48,000)
(Pao for Daisangen and Daisuushii ONLY)
Yes 7,700 = 8,000 or 11,600 = 12,000 Yes
(Winning on a discard in the very first un-interrupted set of turns, before the player has had his first turn)
5 Han Buttobi
(End of han-chan once a player goes <0)

Revealing Kan Dora

Kan Dora will be revealed immediately after any form of Kan.


There will only be 1 winner, the closest player to the player who dealt in will take the winning hand in the event of multiple winners.

End of game Riichi Deposits


Keishiki Tenpai

A hand that requires a 5th copy of the tile to complete the hand is NOT considered Tenpai.


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