3 comments on “[WWYD] What Would You Discard Quiz 3!

  1. I’m a beginner so I don’t think I have the correct answer but I’ll just give my opinion so that I can learn from the experts on theirs. 😛

    I first look at my hand since I’m not confidant of reading my opponents and my options seem to be :
    – Chiitoitsu + 2 Dora (Where I could throw 6-man, 2/6/7-sou)
    – Ippekou + Pinfu (potential) + Tanyao (potential) + 1~3 Dora (Potential) (Where I’d want to throw anything that’s not 6~8-pin)

    Assuming I want to keep my 1-shanten, my main 2 options are
    the 6-man (hoping for a 5-man or 1/2/5/6/7/8-sou = 7 tiles)
    or 2-sou (hoping for a 4/5/6/7-man or 1/5/6/7/8-sou = 9 tiles)

    Throwing anything else leaves me with a 3~4 tile wait in 1 shanten.

    So this is why I chose the 2-sou, but now that I’ve typed all this out and move on to the board, I think I should have thrown the 6-man instead.

    On the board, the south player has at most 3-han (wind + honitsu OR wind + 2-dora faking hon itsu), the west player has at most 7-man on chinitsu + toitoi and the north is likely tanyao (as I said, I’m a beginner so that’s all I can see).

    Throwing the 2-sou would thus be quite dangerous since it could likely give the west a direct haneman. Whereas the 6-man is definitely a safer tile and the setback isn’t too bad.

  2. Hi Shannon,

    In this case the 4m isn’t the dora indicator, but the actual dora itself. You might want to reconsider your analysis on that. (:

  3. Ah I see, my bad. >.< Also forgot the potential of south player going chinitsu + toitoi + tanyao for baiman.

    Well it makes the hand much weaker than what it appeared to be xD :

    Ippekou + Pinfu (Potential) + Tanyao (Potential) + 1 Dora (Potential),

    not including the riichi/tsumo/ippatsu/ura dora.

    I'm still gravitating towards throwing something from the 1-1-2 sou due to the way it looks/feels 'ugly', even though I would now think that the 5-man seems like the new best answer :

    Since the 5-man is not the dora, the main contenders seem to be 5/6-man or 1/2-sou.

    The 1-sou is less risky than the 2-sou but it means likely being on a 'hell wait' on the last 3-sou or going to 2 shanten by discarding the other sou later on. The 2-sou is more risky but gives us the most favourable shape handwise.

    Throwing the 6-man drops the hand to chiitoitsu or ippekou while throwing the 5-man only discards the chiitoitsu hand (but it would have been a 1-tile-type wait compared to the alternative ippekou + pinfu which would be a 2-tile-type wait).

    The thing is that you'd likely have to end up throwing something from the 1-1-2 sou further down the
    road so I guess the biasness to "throw now" comes from that mentality but we have to remember is to be flexible.. since you never know if someone else will throw the winning tile, tsumos or makes it more favourable to abandon your hand instead of continuing to play to win, later down the line.

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